Malatra Redux

From the Memories of Malinsar
The Tenanga
The Year of Discovery
“I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy.”
I was visiting the small tribe called the Tenanga. Several other heroes were about as well. Kahulae of the Windy Place, Alyssa of the Huroola, The Crocoshaman, Pure Chaos, and Kalameet were all there, along with the Mighty Duba, Tal, Boo Deux, and Fatman. We had all been helping with the recent harvest and the tribe was going to throw a feast in our honor. Suddenly, Chief Watowa’s wife began to scream that her daughter Lotus Blossom was missing. Soon enough the whole village was looking for her.
When we discovered evidence nearby that she had been abducted; The Crocoshaman, Pure Chaos, Alyssa, Kahulae, Kalameet and I headed down the trail in pursuit. We hadn’t traveled far when we encountered a strange snake-man blocking our way. He obviously wasn’t going to let us pass, so Alyssa attacked him. He was quite a handful to defeat, but we eventually succeeded. When it was over, Po the shaman of the Tenanga came and spoke with us. He told us that the snake-people came in 3 varieties, and had likely taken Lotus Blossom either for food or for a sacrifice. He didn’t know where they came from, but said that the trail further was not well known to his people. He asked if we would retrieve Lotus Blossom and of course we agreed.
For a few days we followed the trail, with no real luck. One morning as we were breaking camp, we encountered a hungry flesh ripper Garuda! Through our valiant efforts to hide and attack it while it was preoccupied trying to eat Kahulae in a tree, we were able to kill it. Unfortunately, what we didn’t know at the time was that this garuda was merely a baby; soon its full grown and very angry mother came after us. What followed was a chase scene that could have been considered comical if it wasn’t life threatening. After making to safety across a rope bridge, we hid and rested for a bit.
A few more days of travel got us to a small bog that we hadn’t known was there. Thankfully The Crocoshaman was wise to the ways of swamps and helped us avoid a patch of quicksand. Proceeding into the swamp, we found what appeared to be a village of strange stone domes. They all faced the center of the village however, and so we surmised that was where we needed to go.
While most of us debated, Pure Chaos charged inside. We followed as soon as we could, but by then he was already in a pitched battle against two nubari-looking snake people, a snake-looking snake person and five nubari who seemed to worship the snake people. Combat was straight forward until one of them created darkness in the hut. This was complicated by Pure Chaos’s liberal use of his fire spells. I did the smart thing and rescued Lotus Blossom from the pile of sticks that one of the snake people had transformed into snakes.
Once I was safely outside the hut the chaos inside it eventually followed me. I was able to help to kill the last snake man. Then we began to deal with our injuries. The biggest surprise to us was Kalameet, who at first we couldn’t locate. Eventually, we found him, at least from what we could tell. It appeared that one of the snake people had changed him into a mouse. We collected him and set off back to the Tenanga. We hadn’t even traveled a day before we ran into another snake person and his three nubari companions.
Pure Chaos was able to capture the nubari in a magical created web spell. We all attacked the snake man, and took him down, but not before he had transformed both Pure Chaos and Kahulae into mice. We likewise collected them and continued on our way.
When we arrived at the Tenanga, Po was able to restore our friends with some spells over the next few days. We all were given a feast in our honor for saving Lotus Blossom.



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