Malatra Redux

Ship from the Sky

Year of New Peoples #26

From the Memories of Yamboya Mosswalker
Tribe of the Katimaya
The Year of New Peoples
“There are big ships and small ships but the best ship of all is friendship.”
The annual Council of Tribes had just ended, and I was traveling from Big Chief Bagoomba’s to our various destinations. Pure Chaos, Harambe, and I had been saddled with one of the lucky winners of the Council of Tribes tournaments, a lizardman named Ziss. We were approaching the village of the Katimaya when we spotted by gnasher garuda. The creature was chasing a pair of korobokuru children. We showed our new young hero Ziss exactly how fast we could take down a gnassher when we were motivated.
The two children were named Kailen and T’risk, and were members of the local village. They took us there, where we met with Chief Yrbom and the village shaman Nibloc. Apparently, the Katimayan witch doctor, Kural was away on some errand. After a night of feasting, carousing, and boasting we slept for the night.
We were awakened suddenly when screams echoed through the village. Investigating, we discovered they came from shocked korobokuru all pointing at the sky. Hovering high above was a giant canoe! As we watched, a second canoe appeared and began chasing it through the air. Then suddenly the first canoe was falling, soon it had crashed into the jungle to the north of us.
We set out to find it immediately, and after only a short search we found the crash site. Dozens of snout-nosed people were poking around it. We approached with trepidation, they responded in kind. Soon the leader of the group came and spoke to us. His name was Bentfang, and his people were called the oscray. They had fled from their kin who were a more war-like people and they had been pursued through the empty skies until they reached us. They were tired, hungry and were still being pursued. Since they were friendly, we decided to help them. It was then that Chief Yrboom and his men arrived. Soon the two groups were fast friends. But before more than some good natured joking and drinking could be accomplished, the second flying canoe appeared in the air.
One of the oscray screamed that it was Backbiter, and soon Bentfang had given the order for his canoe, which he called a “spelljammming ship” to take to the sky. The four of us plus Yrbom were allowed to join the oscray in their flight. I sent my hawk friend, Chaosbane to rip at the riggings of the opposing boat. Meanwhile, we helped them shoot their giant sideways bow at the opposing ship, and we did damage them, but our ship was worse off. The fire caused us to crash, and this time the boat and its magical seat which was used to fly it were both destroyed. Thankfully, we survived without much more than a few scratches.
When things had calmed down, Bentfang spoke with us. He told us Backbiter would not leave Malatra until he had killed him. He asked us to help defeat his evil brother. A call immediately went out to Big Chief Bagoomba and the Koshiva for assistance. It was nearly two weeks later when we heard the news that Backbiters ship had stopped at the Rudra and captured the chieftain, and then moved on to the Koshiva, where they were now. We set out to assault the oscray, with an army of the best warriors of Big Chief Bagoomba along with Bentfang’s Oscray following us as well. Bentfang and one of his warriors accompanied us.
We arrived at the Koshiva village early the next day. We were easily able to sneak on board the ship, and we killed their witch doctor as soon as fighting broke out. Or more precisely, a confluence of bad luck got the witch doctor killed. We held off the evil oscray, while Bentfang and his brother Backbiter squared off in single combat. Meanwhile, the ship which we had cut from its anchor lines began to drift down the River of Laughing Idols. When it hit one of the Koshiva’s magnificent rope bridges it snapped it in half, but not before lilting.
The fire which had killed the evil witch doctor and the flooding and pounding the sideways ship took in the River of Laughing Idols was finally enough to destroy the ship. Backbiter was slain, though we lost Harambe to the evil oscray and tides as well. It was a fierce battle, but our forces proved victorious, and Bentfang was able to assume control over all the remaining oscray.
Bentfang and his people were now stranded in the jungle, though he vowed that he would not forget the friendship and help that we had provided. He and his people set out to found a village elsewhere within the jungle near the edge of the Rayanna Savannah. We had made some good friends, but couldn’t help wonder what else lay out there among the stars…



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