Alyssa of the Huroola

Nubari Amazon


Height: 5’1"
Weight: 131 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Tan


Alyssa of the Huroola Tribe began her adventure at the young age of 19. As the shortest member of her tribe, she yearned to prove her bravery to her tribe, who had always discounted her as being weak due to her short stature and young age, but more importantly to herself. After the death of her mother, she inherited her mother’s short bow. While it wasn’t a great weapon, Alyssa cherishes it regardless.

Fresh on her adventure, she teams up with Black Chaos, Shere Khan, Kahulae of the Windy Place, and Kalameet. She immediately grew to dislike Black Chaos, as the Monkey Katanga constantly perved on her. The pervert Katanga grabbed her buttocks not soon after meeting her, and had the gall to grab her chest to heal her. She is not particularly fond of any of her companions, as they are male. She does however have respect for Kahulae, who saved her from near death.

Their mission was to help the Zantira village of Karabudu at the Sleepy Lake. They spoke with Manyuk V’Domo, the village chief. After some questioning of the surviving locals, they received a ritual to be able to breath under water and dived. While traveling on the lake’s floor, they were attacked by s’repic fish. Fatman and some lizard men came to their rescue and killed off most of the s’repic fish. Fatman was unfortunately killed by the s’repic fish. The Lizard men showed the group where they could find the Snake spirit. After she was found, Black Chaos gave her a diamond and she pointed them to the right direction. We eventually encountered two scrags, underwater trolls. We attempted to attack right away, but we were repelled and forced to run away. After some discussion, we attempted to attack again. After a long battle, we incapacitated one of the skrags. We were joined by Jakra and Ochkee Goneygoogoo, who had killed the other scrag, and we brought them to the surface, along with what remained of the bodies. We were successful in my first mission.

List of Adventures
From the Gods of Fire Mountain
Into the Valley of the Spirits
Searching for a Flower
The Golden Child
Spirits of the Lake
Death from the Mists

Alyssa of the Huroola

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