Witch Doctor of Big Chief Bagoomba


Aged and shrewd Korobokuru Witch Doctor, his many powers are only dwarfed by the secrets of the Jungle which he keeps. He has a parrot familiar named Eats-too-much.
Has a habit of trying to get young Heroes killed.


The oldest and likely most powerful Witch Doctor in all of Malatra has been subtly steering the politics of the Jungle for generations of Nubari. He acts as Witch Doctor for the Tribe of Big Chief Bagoomba (The original name of the tribe was Saiyama meaning “near mountain”),
but the name was changed after Big Chief Bagoomba became the leader following the death of the last chief.
Chief Toloka and his family were killed by evil caiman katanga 20 years ago, and a new chief had to be chosen from among the warriors of the tribe.
Bengoukee, exalted witch doctor of Chief Toloka, proclaimed that the hunter who killed the largest predator before the next full moon would be the new chief. During the competition, a young, inexperienced warrior named Bagoomba was declared chieftain after singlehandedely killing a massive garuda. Bengoukee declared Bagoomba chief—though many protested. In fact, Bengoukee knew Bagoomba to be a liar, but seized the opportunity to control the largest tribe of the jungle through an oafish buffoon. Bagoomba’s first official action was to rename the tribe, much to the chagrin of Bengoukee.
Since then Tribe of Big Chief Bagoomba is a melting pot of Living Jungle races, specific dress, strict rituals, and long-time traditions vary between elders and families throughout the tribe.
Once every year the Tribe of Big Chief Bagoomba hosts a War Council, a gathering of tribal representatives who meet for one moon to trade, negotiate peace treaties, have celebrations (Bagoomba’s favorite part), and even declare war on blood enemies. During this time, Bengoukee founded and became head the Council of Elders, an inter-tribal group that act as the judges to chiefs and an influence to the power of the tribes.


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