Big Chief Bagoomba

Bestest Chief with Biggest Everything EVER


Male Nubari. “Warrior”. Big, tough, and Self important.


The original name of the tribe was Saiyama (meaning “near mountain”), but the name was changed after Big Chief Bagoomba became the leader following the death of the last chief.
Chief Toloka and his family were killed by evil caiman katanga 20 years ago, and a new chief had to be chosen from among the warriors of the tribe.
Bengoukee, exalted witch doctor of Chief Toloka, proclaimed that the hunter who killed the largest predator before the next full moon would be the new chief. During the competition, a young, inexperienced warrior named Bagoomba was returning from a hunting expedition when he came across two monstrous creatures battling near the river. In the end, both creatures perished, one of them falling into the river.
Seeing an opportunity to become chief, Bagoomba returned to the village and told Bengoukee the animal he killed was too large to carry, and that he and the elders needed to see the creature where he slew it. By the time Bengoukee and the elders arrived, the slain beast had been set upon by scavengers so no one could tell whether Bagoomba had slain the creature himself. Finally, Bengoukee declared Bagoomba chief—though many protested.
Bagoomba’s first official action was to rename the tribe, much to
the chagrin of Bengoukee. Big Chief Bagoomba is little more than a ridiculous figurehead, often controlled by the clever Bengoukee.

Big Chief Bagoomba

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