Black Chaos

Monkey Katanga Witch Doctor


Black Chaos is a male. When he was younger he went by the name B.C. Black Chaos has black hair, golden eyes, long black hair with golden tips, and body of dark hair.


In his young days Black Chaos dreamed of becoming the witch doctor for big chief Bagoomba. He also like the feeling of causing chaos. One day he went out hunting and came across a young tiger cub but was stopped by a young female who put him in his place. He also Now deemed too valuable to the tribe to go adventuring, Black Chaos spends his days trying to pry the secrets of magic from the Witch Doctor Bengoukee, though much of his duties are simple household chores.

Adventure list
Along the River of Laughing Idols
Dark Shadow Over Kuamu
The Lost Tribe of Fire Mountain
Once Broken
The Curse of Fire Mountain
Spirits of the Lake
The Great Hunt
Death from Above
Sharp Teeth, Mostly Tasty

Black Chaos

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