Tiger Katanga Witch Doctor


Ffft talks incessantly, often not making much sense. He talks even when others can’t follow his rapid pace. For years, he had only himself to talk to, and so he enjoys talking.

Ffft is always happy, and is normally found smiling. He is playful and curious, with his curiosity often getting him into trouble. He gets surprised easily, but he recovers quickly. Ffft never thinks about failure; in fact, he never feels threatened, no matter how powerful his foe is. He will try just about anything.

Because of having lost part of his memories, Ffft never wants to forget again. He collects small items to help him remember his past adventures. These items look rather strange kept on Ffft’s body, hanging from numerous vines, but he doesn’t care.

Ffft favors his Nubari form, but changes to his tiger form when hunting.


Ffft can’t remember his past, but if he could, he would recall being born the runt of a litter of five cubs. His brothers and sisters were protective, sharing their kills with him to help him grow strong. Still, Ffft remained the smallest. When he was eight years old, and his brothers and sisters were hunting, Ffft went exploring, and found something strange. His curiosity getting the best of him, he wandered right into a ruin of the Ancients. Powerful magic rendered him unconscious for some time, and when he awoke, Ffft could remember little of his past save his own name.

For many years, Ffft wandered the jungle, trying to find his family, following only vague images and sounds from his dreams. He traveled to many tribes, meeting many people, but few knew any of the solitary tiger katanga. Perhaps his family’s concern was unnecessary, because while still small, Ffft has been able to fend for himself over all these years.

Ffft has learned much through his travels, even gaining an understanding of the mystical world. The wise witch doctor Bengoukee recognized this budding talent, and helped Ffft learn how to draw power from fetishes. With these powers, he has helped many tribes with their problems, gradually gaining more power. He has met the Golden Child of three generations ago; and other faraway races; traveled to exotic tribes like the Kukalatu and Zantira; and survived garuda, yuan-ti, manscorpions, and numerous other deadly foes. At all times, Ffft learned from his experiences, and took souvenirs to remind him of his travels.


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