Manyuk V’Domo

Nubari Goval’Ma Witch Doctor and Chief of the Zantira


Dark skin, a slender but regal form, sunken eyes and haggard face.


V’Domo returned from his travels sixteen years ago, at the age forty. During his travels he learned much about the other tribes of Malatra and forged a friendship with The Wise Ones of the savanna. V’Domo brought the peaceful ways of The Wise Ones back to the Zantira raft villages. Through his guidance, the Zantira have become a unified tribe. V’Domo has decreed that during the vernal equinox, all Zantira must come together in the middle of Sleepy Lake to trade, perform sacred water rituals, arrange marriages, and settle any disputes between families. Most inter-tribal conflict has ceased as a result of this yearly gathering.

Manyuk V’Domo

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