River: The Improbable

River Tam'hi Mystic


River has been a wanderer for most of her life, up until a few years ago when she was rescued from Fire Mountain by a couple of Koshiva hunters who had been hunting near by. She was brought back to the Koshiva camp, and, after being taken care of by the tribe’s witch-doctor Taronee, decided to make this her home. She stayed to study medicine and healing under Taronee’s leadership, refusing to talk about her past , instead choosing to forge a completely fresh start here.


Called “The Improbable” after escaping certain death at the hands of the Ratikiya.

Adventure List
From the Gods of Fire Mountain
Revenge of the Exile
The Search for Blue Heron

River may have retired from being a mystic, but she is still researching ways to help people with medicines in the villages of the Koshiva.

River: The Improbable

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