Shinola the Fateless

Snake Katanga Thief


Snake Katanga Thief who uses bows first and then if need be uses a sword. also is not above stealing from the bodies of those i kill


I am Shinola, i was once living a happy life surrounded by family and friends. I Had A loving husband named Kentaro, and two beautiful baby girls named fuka and fumika. All was good untill one day while out hunting for food, Kentaro busted through the door to our hut, he was all bloodied up, as if he was attacked by a visious animal. Panic in his voice and on his face he told us “We had to leave here, its not safe now that his….” Just as he was about to finish he stopped. Blood started to spew out of his mouth. unable to speak he fell to his knees.

i now can see a spear sticking out of his back. but what was most frightening is that a shadowed man was behind him holding the end of the spear. With my husband still on the end of his spear, he put his foot on my husbands back and violently kicked him off of it. My husband landing ontop of me. Now pinned down with my kentaro ontop of me i was helpless in stopping the man who i can still not see. The man walks over to my daughters, who are cowarding in the corner of the hut. i watch in horror as he grabs both of them by the hair and starts to drag them towards the door as they are kicking and screaming, fuka managed to turn around and bit the mans hand. this must have pissed him off, as he then grabs her and yanks her towards him, kneeing her in the gut. she was knocked out and he procced to knock fumika out also.

with both girls knocked out the man then grabs his spear and walks towards me. he then bends down to my face. as the man gets closer to my face the little light that was shinning in the hut now hits him in the face. in absolute horror i now reconize him. It was him, Largon, kentaros older brother " Been along time has it not shinola? when was the last time we seen eachother? oh yes thats right, when you and my fucking brother trapped me in that poor excuse of a prision. well as you can see i am free and my poor brother is near death. and these two little ones, oh they look so much like you! ahaha its a shame that i am going to be using them in my future rituals!! hahaha!!!"

with That largon picks up the twins and begins to walk out. i am powerless to stop him, just then kentaro starts to move and cough, quickly i snap back to reality. kentaro tries to stand but can only manage to roll over. i begin ato nurse him and try to keep him alive. still with tears in my eyes i ran outside toget the village healer to take care of kentaro. i was shocked to see that all the villages huts were all onfire smoke filling the air around me. i seen the village healer he rushed over to me. i told him my husband needed help urgently, he and i dragged my husband to a group of villagers just outside of our village. seeing as he was in good hands i grabbed my gear that i had stored away in a chest in our hut not expecting to ever use them again. i kiss my husband one last time then i take off following the wake of distruction and chaos that largon has left in his wake. only thing on my mind being that i will get my babies back no matter what it takes!

Adventure List
From the Gods of Fire Mountain
Into the Valley of the Spirits

Shinola the Fateless

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