Yamboya Mosswalker

Nubari Beast Master


Yamboya is a young nubari warrior who, though a hunter, also respects and tries to befriend the creatures of the jungle. Jambaya specializes in fighting the terrifying garruda who have recently been making a resurgence in the deep jungles. Though he is quite weak in comparison to the garruda, he does his best along with his monkey companion Garruda Bait to prevent garruda attacks. Jambaya is part of the tribe of Big Chief Bagoomba, and respects his elders greatly.


Yamboya began his adventuring career stricken with a dangerous disease. Here he met his companions Black Chaos and Mowgli.

Adventure List
Along the River of Laughing Idols
Dark Shadow Over Kuamu
The Lost Tribe of Fire Mountain
The Golden Child
The Great Hunt
Death from the Mists
Ship from the Sky

Yamboya Mosswalker

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