Male Korobokuru Chief of the Katimaya


A canny warrior and thief, he has been outboasted only once in his life. Yrbom has been chief for nearly 20 years and has scavenged from every known tribe. He is a grand boaster, said to be able to talk his way out of a leopard’s jaws.


For years Yrbom has been harboring a secret. When he was a child almost a hundred years ago, he and Kural dared a younger child to sneak out at night. The boy did and a garuda was able to catch and eat him. Only Kural and Yrbom were the witnesses. Since the body was never found, the tribe didn’t know what had happened to the the boy. When asked, Kural lied and said that a saru had broken in and abducted the child. This blame became a convenient scapegoat for other animosities the tribe has had, and soon prejudice and paranoia of saru had taken root. Kural kept Yrbom silent about the child for years, and by the time Yrbom had grown enough to not be swayed by Kural, the animosity toward saru by most all the korobokuru been born. Now Yrbom does his best to subdue the fear and hatred under the surface, but the lie has taken on a life of its own with each successive boast of a korobokuru as they tell of stopping an evil saru. Yrbom is certain this will not end well for the peaceful saru.


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