Lizard Man Ranger


Living mostly apart from other Lizardman tribes in the jungle, an insatiable wanderlust and desire for excitement and adventure compels Ziss to the life of a lone wanderer. Isolation has taken its toll on the reptile’s psyche, and owing partially to this, her sole travelling companion at this time is an outwardly silent, but “secretly talkative”, Nubari skull that has been dubbed “Guzma”.

Guzma, in a sense, acts as the lizardman’s moral compass and advisor in her exploits, albeit the skull being an inanimate object, all of its guidings are merely imaginings of the reptile. Some who have crossed the two’s path have speculated that some unknown spirit may reside in the skull, but none have yet been able to determine if this is true or not, least of all its keeper.

Adventure List
Ship from the Sky
Trembling Village
Huroola Prophet
The Soulless Shu
The Dreaming Lake
Terror from Below



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