Malatra Redux

Ship from the Sky
Year of New Peoples #26

From the Memories of Yamboya Mosswalker
Tribe of the Katimaya
The Year of New Peoples
“There are big ships and small ships but the best ship of all is friendship.”
The annual Council of Tribes had just ended, and I was traveling from Big Chief Bagoomba’s to our various destinations. Pure Chaos, Harambe, and I had been saddled with one of the lucky winners of the Council of Tribes tournaments, a lizardman named Ziss. We were approaching the village of the Katimaya when we spotted by gnasher garuda. The creature was chasing a pair of korobokuru children. We showed our new young hero Ziss exactly how fast we could take down a gnassher when we were motivated.
The two children were named Kailen and T’risk, and were members of the local village. They took us there, where we met with Chief Yrbom and the village shaman Nibloc. Apparently, the Katimayan witch doctor, Kural was away on some errand. After a night of feasting, carousing, and boasting we slept for the night.
We were awakened suddenly when screams echoed through the village. Investigating, we discovered they came from shocked korobokuru all pointing at the sky. Hovering high above was a giant canoe! As we watched, a second canoe appeared and began chasing it through the air. Then suddenly the first canoe was falling, soon it had crashed into the jungle to the north of us.
We set out to find it immediately, and after only a short search we found the crash site. Dozens of snout-nosed people were poking around it. We approached with trepidation, they responded in kind. Soon the leader of the group came and spoke to us. His name was Bentfang, and his people were called the oscray. They had fled from their kin who were a more war-like people and they had been pursued through the empty skies until they reached us. They were tired, hungry and were still being pursued. Since they were friendly, we decided to help them. It was then that Chief Yrboom and his men arrived. Soon the two groups were fast friends. But before more than some good natured joking and drinking could be accomplished, the second flying canoe appeared in the air.
One of the oscray screamed that it was Backbiter, and soon Bentfang had given the order for his canoe, which he called a “spelljammming ship” to take to the sky. The four of us plus Yrbom were allowed to join the oscray in their flight. I sent my hawk friend, Chaosbane to rip at the riggings of the opposing boat. Meanwhile, we helped them shoot their giant sideways bow at the opposing ship, and we did damage them, but our ship was worse off. The fire caused us to crash, and this time the boat and its magical seat which was used to fly it were both destroyed. Thankfully, we survived without much more than a few scratches.
When things had calmed down, Bentfang spoke with us. He told us Backbiter would not leave Malatra until he had killed him. He asked us to help defeat his evil brother. A call immediately went out to Big Chief Bagoomba and the Koshiva for assistance. It was nearly two weeks later when we heard the news that Backbiters ship had stopped at the Rudra and captured the chieftain, and then moved on to the Koshiva, where they were now. We set out to assault the oscray, with an army of the best warriors of Big Chief Bagoomba along with Bentfang’s Oscray following us as well. Bentfang and one of his warriors accompanied us.
We arrived at the Koshiva village early the next day. We were easily able to sneak on board the ship, and we killed their witch doctor as soon as fighting broke out. Or more precisely, a confluence of bad luck got the witch doctor killed. We held off the evil oscray, while Bentfang and his brother Backbiter squared off in single combat. Meanwhile, the ship which we had cut from its anchor lines began to drift down the River of Laughing Idols. When it hit one of the Koshiva’s magnificent rope bridges it snapped it in half, but not before lilting.
The fire which had killed the evil witch doctor and the flooding and pounding the sideways ship took in the River of Laughing Idols was finally enough to destroy the ship. Backbiter was slain, though we lost Harambe to the evil oscray and tides as well. It was a fierce battle, but our forces proved victorious, and Bentfang was able to assume control over all the remaining oscray.
Bentfang and his people were now stranded in the jungle, though he vowed that he would not forget the friendship and help that we had provided. He and his people set out to found a village elsewhere within the jungle near the edge of the Rayanna Savannah. We had made some good friends, but couldn’t help wonder what else lay out there among the stars…

Death from the Mists
Year of New Peoples 25

From the Memories of Terra Chaos
Tribe of the Rudra
The Year of New Peoples
“You’re not allowed to call them dinosaurs any more ~ It’s speciesist. You have to call them pre-petroleum persons.”
I was traveling down the River of Laughing Idols on a much-needed rest. With me were some other heroes who also had the same idea: ”/characters/yamboya-mosswalker" class=“wiki-content-link”>Yamboya Mosswalker, The Crocoshaman, Kalameet, and Alyssa of the Huroola. We had been intending to stay clear of the xenophobic Rudra people, but when the Jungle Drums began to sound the alarm and request for assistance from the Rudra, we headed there immediately.
When we arrived, we discovered their village in complete disarray. A fire was destroying several homes and watchtowers, many boats were destroyed or being carried away by the river current, there were wounded everywhere, and several Rudran’s about to drown in the river. We got right to work trying to save them all. Alyssa was very effective in helping those in the burning buildings, while I concentrated on the boats. The others mostly dealt with the wounded.
When things had settled down, and the immediate danger to the Rudrans was dealt with, their tribal shaman called Com’lak, asked to speak with us. We were told that a group of monsters that looked like garuda-men had attacked them. Chief M’t’lak had been poisoned by one of the weapons of the garuda-men, and he would soon die unless a cure could be found. What was worse was that the garuda-men had kidnapped many women and children including the chief’s own daughter. Com’lak had divined that the creatures had come from and returned to the Valley of the Spirits. He wanted us to go there to retrieve the kidnapped tribesmen.
We set out immediately, and traveled by boat downriver. This required some finesse, as Kalameet was pretty adamant about not getting into the boat. We convinced him and by getting him very drunk putting him in the boat once he passed out. We hadn’t traveled far downriver before we were almost attacked by a giant crocodile. Yamboya and the Crocoshaman convinced it not to attack us, and I fed it some food to get it to go away. It seemed rather content, but also a bit irritated that it didn’t get to kill for its meal.
We continued on our way, and eventually came to the taboo lands bordering the Valley of the Spirits. The trail was fresh there, and we knew we were only a few hours behind our quarry. Our first problem was that we had to climb down a set of large vines which led down into the valley. When we arrived almost a hundred feet below on a narrow ledge, we discovered a trail we had to follow. Soon we came to a rope bridge, which looked horribly unstable. Poor Garudabait gave his life to make sure we were able to cross.
On the other side we found a tunnel, which we were able to travel through. There was a fork about half way through it, which led into deeper darkness with strange sounds coming from it. We avoided that path. When we exited the other side of the tunnel we encountered the largest long-neck garuda we had ever seen. It stood on the valley floor looking up at us over thirty nubari heights above us, but its body and neck was so big its face was only inches from our feet. Kalameet was the most daring of us and jumped on the creature’s neck and slid to the bottom. The rest of us took the cliff path to the ground, which took us almost an hour.
We had just reunited with Kalameet when the massive garuda began to run from a huge gnasher garuda. We fled as well, and thankfully the beast wasn’t interested in us. The prevalence of garuda in the valley surprised us. Within an hour of stalking our quarry we had seen more garuda and garuda types than most of us had ever seen. We occasionally had to scare some of the more predatory ones away from us, but overall it was pretty peaceful. There was also a lot of ruins of the ancients. Many of which would likely have been worth exploring if we had the time.
Soon we came across a group of the same garuda people we had seen corpses of in the Rudra village. They were fighting a battle with other garuda people. The only difference between the two groups was one group had tattoos on their forearms of black flame. We opted to help the ones without the tattoos.
When combat had ended, we discovered the strange garuda people couldn’t speak, but they seemed friendly. We followed them for some time, and soon came to another group of garuda people. One large three-horned one used a magical pendent to speak with us. He said his name was Whiteheart. His people were called Lacerials, and they had arrived on this world on accident after escaping some powerful evil spirit. Whiteheart explained that both he and another powerful witch doctor called Blackflame had tried to find a way to return their people to their world, but had given up recently. Blackflame had decided to search the ruins and had awakened an ancient unliving creature who he had allied with. Now Blackflame had taken control of most of the Lacerials. The unliving creature had Blackflame abduct nubari from the jungle, and bring them to him. So it appeared that our causes were aligned.
Whiteheart assigned a bladeback lacerial to lead us to the Blackflames, and their open air temple. When we arrived, we saw the captured Rudran in cages. We attacked immediately, and were able to take the enemy captain out quickly. His men proved more of a challenge, but after recovering the antidote to the poison M’t’lak was suffering from, and freeing the captured Rudrans, Blackflame himself showed up. Thankfully, so did Whiteheart with all of his remaining forces. Whiteheart and Blackflame entered into a magical duel, though Whiteheart ordered us to leave the valley with the remaining lacerials of both groups, as the creature allied with Blackflame would arrive soon.
We were halfway up the cliffside when a magical stick Whiteheart had created to keep the garuda at bay failed, indicating his death. We did our best to seal the entrance into the Valley of the Spirits behind us, as we exited. The remaining lacerials went off to found a new village of their own, though we were declared their friends. The Rudrans returned to their village, and M’t’lak was saved. The Rudrans though, did not forget what had happened at the hands of the horrible garuda-people.

The Search for Blue Heron
Year of Discovery #18

From the Memories of Terra Chaos
Big Chief Bagoomba
The Year of Discovery
“Sometimes the journey teaches us something about the destination.”
I had once again been called to the village of Big Chief Bagoomba. There I was asked to meet with Bengoukee, and to my surprise, The Crocoshaman and River were also there. There was also a walking conglomeration of vines which I recognized as one of the plantmen who had recently revealed themselves to the people of Malatra. His name was apparently Vinnie the vine, though since it couldn’t speak our language and no one could understand his odd hand gestures, Only Bengoukee could communicate with it.
Bengoukee told us that he had chosen us for a mission if we were willing to accept it. He told us that far to the west, across the forbidden Yaku Plains of ash were the Forbidden Mountains. He wanted us to head there and recover an artifact called Blue Heron, which he claimed was an ancient symbol of power. He told us that the item was in the keeping of the Bird Men of that region and procuring it might be an issue. Bengoukee then threw some dust over us and told us that the taboo upon the Yaku Plains was lifted upon us temporarily.
We set out immediately, and in a few days we were approaching the lands of the Huroola. Suddenly, a female shu came running from the underbrush. She told us she needed help quickly, and that we had to save someone, she then ran back into the underbrush. We followed and discovered a lizardman who was stuck in quicksand nearby. I used a spell to help rescue him, and everyone pulled upon the vine that was created.
The shu’s name was Aluka and she had gotten separated from her hunting party. She had fallen into the quicksand and the lizardman, called Sslick had rescued her. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the shu alone with a horrible lizardman, so I insisted we escort them both back to the shu village. A day later we reached the Jengi, who happy to have Aluka returned to them, and told us that they had been on friendly terms with some lizardmen from the north for some time.
We returned to our quest, and soon had exited the dense jungle and entered the rolling hills to the west of the Huroola. We were in awe of the sheer amount of game that existed there. Herds of zebra, gazelles, antelope and other creatures roamed freely. As we watched, a nubari hunter ran out and attacked a duckbilled garuda, this caused the entire heard of duckbills to stampede in our direction. The lone hunter was able to outrun them by changing into ostrich and easily outrunning us all. We were able to dodge the stampede, but it did slow us down. The strange ostrich katanga was nowhere to be found afterward.
Later that day we encountered a trio of tantor. Tarmanganus, the eldest of them spoke with me. He told me that the Plains of Ash were taboo and those who crossed them were often afflicted by the Coughing Death. We told him Bengoukee had sent us, and that seemed to satisfy him. The tantor also told us that if we were allowed to the Forbidden Mountains, then perhaps could answer the riddle: “What is a man, but not a man, larger than a garuda, but not a garuda, more cunning than a black leopard and more dangerous as well.” We had no clue, and Tarmanganus told us that the answer could be found across the plains.
We soon arrived at the Yaku Plains, and discovered why they were sometime called the ‘Plains of Ash’. They were composed almost entirely of black ash. Our trip across the wasteland was not fun or fast, but a slow four-day trek. Thankfully, no one caught the Coughing Death.
We arrived at the mountains and soon caught our first sight of the ‘Bird Men’. One of them threw a spear at us before they circled around for a landing. The leader introduced himself as Fleetwing, and he had thought us something called ‘butu’ before he had gotten a look at us. We told him why we had come, and he told us that the Blue Heron was not for us, and he asked us to leave. Before we could respond, a group of raptor garuda leapt from the underbrush to attack us.
After defeating the creatures, Fleetwing seemed to change his mind about us. He told us to wait up the mountain while he told Sharpclaws his chieftain about us. The birdman, called an aarakocra by his people, soon left leaving us to find a way up the mountain on our own. River had no difficulties, both the Crocoshaman and I did fine, but Vinnie fell from the first leg of the climb, shredding the plantman upon the ledge. We did not have the skills to save him.
The next day Fleetwing arrived back with Sharpclaws. Sharpclaws spoke to us alone, and told us that the aarakocra did not have Blue Heron. It had been stolen by butu some years earlier and only the chief and shaman were aware of the theft. They had not tried to get it back, because they knew that it could lead to war with the butu. He told us if we could retrieve it we could borrow it for a single year. He then told us where the butu could be found, and we headed there.
We headed to the butu territory, where we discovered that the butu were small creatures with ram-like heads, and legs like goats, but bodies and minds like other nubari. They were friendly once I gave one a hug. One of them told us that the butu did not steal the Blue Heron, the creatures that were bigger than garuda, but not garuda did. The figured they could get it back with our help.
The next day we were in front of a massive cave, which was said to be home to the creatures. Our small army of butu waited outside while explored. We soon discovered that the cave was empty, but we did find some nice loot, including a maroon sculpture of a crow which could only have been Blue Heron. River told us it faintly radiated magic. As we left the cave, we encountered its normal occupants: three huge sized manscorpions awaited us. This was not a battle we could ordinarily win, but thankfully we had help in the form of our army of butu. Their arrows were able to bring one of the creatures down, while we tried to kill another. During the battle with the last one, Fleetwing showed up to help us.
When the battle was over, we assessed our losses. We had only lost three butu, but I had been poisoned and was about to die. Thankfully, Fleetwing had some balm that could neutralize the poison.
Sharp claws again told us that we could keep Blue Heron for a year, before they would want it back. Fleetwing said he would accompany us to our land, and several butu also wanted to come. So we soon found ourselves again crossing the Yaku Plains. When we arrived in Big Chief Bagoomba’s village, almost a month after we had departed and with new allies, we were treated as heroes.

The Golden Child
The Year of Discovery #13

From the memories of Yamboya Mosswalker
The Simbara
The Year of Discovery
“Disobedience is a demand for change.”
We had come to the village of the Simbara when the call had gone out. A new Golden Child had been born. The heir to power, wisdom, and appearance of the Ancients who ruled Malatra many generations past was the first one in more than one-hundred cycles. One was born every five generations, and when they came of age they were the herald of great peace and prosperity in the land. The Golden Child was meant to unite the people of Malatra like never before.
And so the call had gone out. Warriors and heroes from all over Malatra, as well as representatives from all tribes that could be notified had descended on the main village of the Simbara to get a glance of the Golden Child.
The Simbara had been busy preparing as hosts, huge trays of foods were set out for those who arrived. Mowgli had come to the event, as had some heroes I knew only by reputation: some of the heroes of Fire Mountain called The Crocoshaman, and Alyssa of the Huroola; as well as one hero who was well known to have violated taboo by braving a structure of the ancients called Pure Chaos.
We arrived early enough that we were able to eat and rest before the traditional viewing of the child which was scheduled for morning. That night there was some revelry and a lot of discussion from the various guests. The renowned hero Ook, who had recently become chief of his own tribe was there, and several of my companions spoke with him. The warriors of the tribe of Big Chief Rasta Nifari and his younger brother Reesta were both three. The Kuamu warrior Banteau Shesketch, whom everyone called Fatman due to his impressive bulk and skills at wrestling had come; As had the diminutive shu shaman Daplane of the Jengi.
Noticeably absent, were any Huroola, other than Alyssa who had been traveling with The Crocoshaman by all accounts. When I spoke to the korobokuru warrior The Mighty Duba, I learned why. Apparently, the entire delegation of the Huroola had left with their gifts after discovering that the child was a male. This was an interesting enough tidbit that the other heroes in my area all wished to follow up on it. We spoke with Prince Umbaak, the son of Spirit of Lion, the chief of the Simbara. He told us that the Golden Child was indeed male, and that he was born to his sister Tani’i and his best friend Joaarn. He also suspected that his father may end up going to war with the Huroola for their insult.
We then spoke to Bengoukee, as the wise old korobukuru had made the trip here as well. He seemed distressed, and when we pressed him on it, he admitted that he was troubled by the birth of the Golden Child. This child will be the first to give guidance to the jungle in over three-hundred cycles, but in that time the people of the jungle had learned to stand on their own without help. Already people were proclaiming this child the ‘Future King of Malatra’, a title that not all would respect…certainly not the misandristic Huroola. But when the last Golden Child, Noh of the Huroola, had vanished at a young age one-hundred cycles ago, the entire jungle nearly went to war with the Huroola. He worried about a similar circumstance for this child.
The next morning, we were permitted to see the Golden Child—after first presenting our gifts. We were not disappointed in its appearance, it truly resembled the Ancients. As we finished, Spirit of Lion stepped forward and proclaimed that the child needed to rest for a bit. As we were waiting, a scream of alarm. The village was on fire! Mowgli, Pure Chaos, and I went to help, while The Crocoshaman and Alyssa went to check on the child. They were politely refused entrance by Syanya the tribal shaman, and Fenzzica U’Bandalli the tribal witch doctor. It was only on their way to help us that the cry of alarm came from inside the child’s hut.
We all came to investigate, and discovered that the child was missing, along with part of the back wall of the hut. Fenzzica mistook Alyssa and the Crocoshaman for having taken part in a conspiracy to steal the child, but the arrival of Bengoukee cleared that up.
Soon we found the dead bodies of the Huroola behind the hut, though it looked like they had been killed by some giant cat. It was clear that the Golden Child had been abducted by someone or something. Spirit of Lion soon had gathered all the onlookers, and with Bengoukee’s urging, he chose us to go retrieve the Golden Child from the taboo lands. Prince Umbaak would got, to assist us.
Soon, preparations had been made and we set out. We had not traveled far though when a female leopard katanga intercepted us. Her name was Jyhinn, and although cold and aloof, she said she was there to help us track the assailants. After a very short debate, we accepted her offered aid.
Over the next day we tracked the abductor clear across the savannah. Eventually we were attacked by a large force of hyena katanga. Pure chaos used a fire spell on them causing Prince Umbaak to overreact a bit. We would have been overwhelmed if Mowgli hadn’t used a spell to entangle the creatures in the weeds.
After dealing with the creatures we continued on our way. We had only traveled a few hours when we came to a massive chasm blocking our path, the trail we had been following seemed to cross over it directly. Pure Chaos got us across the canyon with a spell, but no sooner had we reached the other side then we were confronted with a large number of tontor.
I spoke with one of the creatures and it told us that the sacred one was brought through this land by the Simba. With the help of the tontor, we found the nearest watering hole, and were pointed to the Simba lands beyond.
As we entered the Simba lands, we discovered what appeared to be a massive pride of lions. As we approached, two of the great cats stood and moved away, revealing the Golden Child still sleeping in his basket. A voice from nearby asked us why we had come. Turning, we saw what appeared to be an Ancient. He introduced himself as Noh, the last Golden Child, and revealed that he had left the Huroola because the people of the jungle were venerating him and treating him like a god. He had stolen the child, to protect him from the Huroola assassins and to save him from a similar life as the one he had lived.
Noh concluded that he didn’t want to choose the fate of the child, as that was the duty of the people of Malatra. So he gave us a challenge. If any of us could wrestle a lion to the ground, then we could choose the fate of the child. If we couldn’t the lion would kill us. Alyssa volunteered, and soon she was engaged in wrestling a lion. She had some luck at first, but that quickly turned, and the lion outlasted her. It was a bloody death.
Noh then asked if anyone else wished to try. No one was willing, so Prince Umbaak stepped forward. His death was quick and equally bloody.
With no other volunteers. Noh said that the child would be safe with him for the time being, but that one day he may return. With that both Noh and the entire pride of lions left. As the rest of us turned to leave, we saw that both Alyssa and Prince Umbaak were alive and with us. Their deaths had merely been an elaborate illusion created by Noh.
Jythinn left us at that point, to reveal to her tribe what had occurred with the Golden Child. The rest of us returned to the Simbara where we had a lot of explaining to do.

Revenge of the Exile
Year of Discovery #12

From the memories of Mowgli
The Ratikiya
The Year of Discovery
“The popular belief isn’t always the correct one.”
I had been minding my own business; traveling through the jungle from the Simbara to Big Chief Bagoomba’s. Then suddenly I wasn’t. I was trapped in a net and being carried through the jungle on a stick by some nubari. I was not alone, there were several others also being carried. I must have been caught unaware and imprisoned somehow. It was almost a day later before I got a look at my fellow prisoners. One of them was Kalameet, whom I had traveled with to fight the last headshrinker. The others were known to me, but only by reputation. They were some of the Heroes of Fire Mountain; River,The Crocoshaman, and Ook. We all were unceremoniously tossed into a deep pit, and left there for two days.
There we got to know each other a bit, and I found that their stories were all similar to mine. We waited for an explanation as to why we had all been kidnapped. When we were removed from the pit one by one, and again bound in nets, a nubari who spoke our language did tell us that his cousin, the chief of a tribe would tell us why we had been captured.
We passed through a small village, of a tribe I couldn’t recognize. All the villagers came out and soon we were at the head of a procession. At the top of a hill, my heart fell and some idea of why I had been captured came to me when I saw Rakid, the Koshiva traitor who. Apparently, he was looking to get revenge upon me for getting him temporarily exiled.
The chief of the strange tribe, along with a shaman came and pronounced sentence on us and Rakid even made a point of gloating to me. We were then individually pushed into a hole in the ground. When we hit bottom, it was squishy and smelled like rotten fruit. We were in total darkness. Before we could even move, horrible smelling creatures which made strange guttural sounds grabbed us and dragged us to deeper into the darkness. We were left in a different dark room, where we heard the sound of stone sliding upon stone.
Kalameet and I could see somewhat, but after some protestations from River, we were forced to light a torch to help the others see. The room we were in had one exit; a massive stone slab was blocking the way. Ook alone couldn’t move it, so The Crocoshaman and I both helped. When it did start to move, it moved easily, as if it were on guided tracks.
In the room beyond, six of the strange creatures attacked us. Now that we could get a look at them we were repulsed by their appearance as much as their smell. They were hunched and scaly, lizard-like in appearance with fins upon their heads and long tails. They bore spears, and were very proficient, but otherwise only seemed to have loincloths.
After a bit of combat, we killed one of them, and River who nearly had died panicked enough to grab the torch from The Crocoshaman and used a spell to make the creatures flee. We then began to explore, all the while realizing that more of those creatures could come back at any moment. Passed the original chamber where we had fallen into, we found a passageway and what appeared to be a shut door. We entered the room beyond and did our best to secure the door, as we had started to hear them behind us.
The room seemed to be a storage room of some sort, within we found several wondrous devices of the ancients including and most importantly some sort of small flat object that was tied to the wall. It had symbols upon it and when Kalameet touched one he caused the nearby wall to seemingly eat itself. There was a different chamber beyond, in which several blue lit panels covered the walls and a chair regal enough to be a throne sat in the middle of the floor. Ook unwisely decided to sit upon it, and suddenly restraining straps held his arms down and some sort of crown lowered onto his head.
Ook discovered that he had more finger sized indentations with symbols covering them on his near his fingers and began to experiment, hoping to be let loose. One of these caused the blue panels on the wall to be replaced with several pictures of the jungle outside, pressing it again caused to pictures to change, a third time changed them back to blue panels. A different symbol caused a loud blaring noise to sound everywhere nearby. This at least caused the creatures at the outer door to flee and try to find their courage again. The most useful one Ook found seemed to open a door in the hallway past the storage room to the outside. We found a hidden switch on the back of the throne which released Ook from the seat, and we all headed toward the new exit.
Once outside, we were surprised to discover that we were right in the middle of the strange village we had encountered. The people were called the Ratikiya, and they were not so bad. They immediately thought that we were returned from the dead, and that “the spirits in the darkness” had returned us. They were so convinced of our special blessing, that soon we were blessing their weapons, healing sick babies, and performing marriages.
We kept insisting on seeing the chief though, and soon Chief Karatila was before us. Soon we were convincing the chief that Rakid was not his friend, and sending 10 of his best warriors after him. The chief gave a long speech, in which he apologized to us for his tribes’ part in Rakid’s scheme and asked us—the blessed of the spirits—to share our blessing with his tribe. At the end of which, he offered the mightiest warrior amongst us…Ook, the position of tribal chief in his stead. Ook accepted.
Before we could do much more, we realized that the entrance to the underground was still wide open, and that the creatures within would likely come out at nightfall. Kalameet shot one who went so far as to look down the tunnel at us, but we figured that something more must be done to deal with the threat. We had limited time before nightfall, and decided our best bet might be to go back in via the pit we had entered originally.
We had one warrior lead us to the pit entrance, and we were eventually able to get down into the underground again. The whole excursion was a mistake. We were soon confronted with a horde of the creatures in darkness. We fled of course, but River fell underneath their relentless attacks. Making our way to the top of the pit, the four of us who remained returned with our guide to the Ratikiya and prepared for a battle.
When night came, although woefully unprepared, we made good use of my entanglement spell and the town’s warriors used bows to kill the creatures as they tried to exit the tunnel. When day came, after some debate, we decided to attempt to clear the rest of the complex. We used the warriors and took things slow. Eventually we were able to kill the last few warriors the creatures had as well as their women and hatchlings. The biggest surprise of the excursion was finding River alive somehow. She truly must be blessed by the spirits.
The warriors we sent after Rakid, returned soon afterward. He had made good his escape, along with some followers, but we had no doubt he would show up again. Ook retired from adventuring to concentrate on being a good chief to the Ratikiya.

Searching for a Flower
The Year of Discovery #11

From the Memories of Malinsar
The Tenanga
The Year of Discovery
“I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy.”
I was visiting the small tribe called the Tenanga. Several other heroes were about as well. Kahulae of the Windy Place, Alyssa of the Huroola, The Crocoshaman, Pure Chaos, and Kalameet were all there, along with the Mighty Duba, Tal, Boo Deux, and Fatman. We had all been helping with the recent harvest and the tribe was going to throw a feast in our honor. Suddenly, Chief Watowa’s wife began to scream that her daughter Lotus Blossom was missing. Soon enough the whole village was looking for her.
When we discovered evidence nearby that she had been abducted; The Crocoshaman, Pure Chaos, Alyssa, Kahulae, Kalameet and I headed down the trail in pursuit. We hadn’t traveled far when we encountered a strange snake-man blocking our way. He obviously wasn’t going to let us pass, so Alyssa attacked him. He was quite a handful to defeat, but we eventually succeeded. When it was over, Po the shaman of the Tenanga came and spoke with us. He told us that the snake-people came in 3 varieties, and had likely taken Lotus Blossom either for food or for a sacrifice. He didn’t know where they came from, but said that the trail further was not well known to his people. He asked if we would retrieve Lotus Blossom and of course we agreed.
For a few days we followed the trail, with no real luck. One morning as we were breaking camp, we encountered a hungry flesh ripper Garuda! Through our valiant efforts to hide and attack it while it was preoccupied trying to eat Kahulae in a tree, we were able to kill it. Unfortunately, what we didn’t know at the time was that this garuda was merely a baby; soon its full grown and very angry mother came after us. What followed was a chase scene that could have been considered comical if it wasn’t life threatening. After making to safety across a rope bridge, we hid and rested for a bit.
A few more days of travel got us to a small bog that we hadn’t known was there. Thankfully The Crocoshaman was wise to the ways of swamps and helped us avoid a patch of quicksand. Proceeding into the swamp, we found what appeared to be a village of strange stone domes. They all faced the center of the village however, and so we surmised that was where we needed to go.
While most of us debated, Pure Chaos charged inside. We followed as soon as we could, but by then he was already in a pitched battle against two nubari-looking snake people, a snake-looking snake person and five nubari who seemed to worship the snake people. Combat was straight forward until one of them created darkness in the hut. This was complicated by Pure Chaos’s liberal use of his fire spells. I did the smart thing and rescued Lotus Blossom from the pile of sticks that one of the snake people had transformed into snakes.
Once I was safely outside the hut the chaos inside it eventually followed me. I was able to help to kill the last snake man. Then we began to deal with our injuries. The biggest surprise to us was Kalameet, who at first we couldn’t locate. Eventually, we found him, at least from what we could tell. It appeared that one of the snake people had changed him into a mouse. We collected him and set off back to the Tenanga. We hadn’t even traveled a day before we ran into another snake person and his three nubari companions.
Pure Chaos was able to capture the nubari in a magical created web spell. We all attacked the snake man, and took him down, but not before he had transformed both Pure Chaos and Kahulae into mice. We likewise collected them and continued on our way.
When we arrived at the Tenanga, Po was able to restore our friends with some spells over the next few days. We all were given a feast in our honor for saving Lotus Blossom.

Until the End of the World
Year of Awakening #5

From the Memories of Pure Chaos
The Simbara
The Year of Awakening
“When we rescue others, we rescue ourselves.”
I was visiting the Simbara tribe for their annual contests of skill. Several other travelers had also come; I recognized some of them including Black Chaos, the enigmatic Crococshaman, Reesta Nifari, Ochkee Gooneygoogoo, and Ook. Everyone watched the challenges for a while, and it was apparent that there were two contestants who were heavily favored to win: M’Giri Far-Thrower and Kachi the Gazelle. The two had been rivals for many seasons, and their rivalry was known far and wide. M’giri was a clever, strong, and skilled warrior; while Kachi was a swift and sharp scout. Now the two were looking to best each other in the contests.
As I watched, there were several cries of alarm as a large group of lizard men came rampaging into the village. The Crocoshaman and both Ook and a saru I didn’t know tried to fight, but the two saru were scared away when I cast a spell against one of the lizard men. The pair returned after a few seconds, and they were able to stop some lizard men from killing the Crocoshaman. Meanwhile the group of lizard men were damaging the village and attacking villagers indiscriminately. Eventually though, we killed a few of them and the others fled.
When the unknown saru, who I learned was named Harambe, the Crocoshaman, Ook, and I were asked to speak with the warrior woman called Krida. M’Giri and Kachi were arguing in front of her. Kachi challenged M’Giri to find the home of the raiders and punish them for their attack. M’giri agreed. Krida then told us that we had been chosen to accompany M’Giri, and help him on his trial. We all agreed.
Krida leant Ook her powerful spear to help us in combat and we soon set out in search of the rampaging lizard folk. None of us were very good at tracking so having M’Giri with us turned out to be a great boon. Soon we met a pair of leopard katanga, who were surprisingly rather freiendly with us. They spoke with Ook. They had seen the lizardfolk. They had eavesdropped, and overheard the name “Sah-shik” who they were apparently worried about. Since the female was injured, The Crocoshaman healed her. With their help we were able to get back on the lizard folk’s trail.
The next day we arrived at Hebika River, and began to travel down the banks toward the distant Dokuba Swamp. Along the way, we met some nice little frog people called grippli. One called Pokureek was able to translate for us. He said the lizards had captured many of their tribe in addition to some other races. We accepted their help as guides, and soon arrived at the lizard folk camp.
With the help of the Crocoshaman, we successfully parlayed and met their chief, Sahshik. He explained that it was his group that had attacked the Simbara. He did not wish to do it, but the leader of a different group of lizard folk had instructed him to. The new powerful lizard king called Hrshnash had taken over the tribes of Dokuba swamp with the help of his “Snake God”. He somehow talked us into trying to depose Hrshnash in exchange for his grippli prisoners.
We decided to go to the Temple of the Snake God first, in order to try to deal with this malevolent spirit. We figured we would be able to deal with such a creature somehow. It was a mistake. As we approached the strange overgrown domed structure of the ancients, the Snake God made an appearance before us. The creature was a writhing mass of swarming snakes, and we quickly realized that we couldn’t take it on unprepared. Our saru friends Ook and Harambe fleeing every time I cast a spell didn’t help. We soon optioned to head to the new lizard king Hrshnash. Since we arrived in the village with Sashik, we were escorted directly to Hrshnash’s hut.
Hrshnash was monstrous in sized and boasted fully functional wings. He spoke with Sashik who claimed to be delivering us to him as sacrifices. Before we could react, Sashik left the hut and ensured that we were sealed inside with Hrshnash. Battle commenced, but at least we were much more prepared for this one. The confined space made it so that when the saru fled due to my spellcasting they couldn’t go far and were back in the combat sooner. Soon, with M’Giri’s help and the aid of Krida’s spear, we were able to defeat the creature.
When Sashik was Lizard King again, he told us that he would release the other prisoners that the tribe had captured, but only if we dealt with the Snake God. He considered the temple to be a potential threat to his rule a well as to the worship of Semuanya, the Lizard God. We agreed, and to show his good faith he released the prisoners before we departed. So we were joined by a pair of grippli, a bullywug, and a shu called Ferrek. The grippli wished to return home, so we let them go. The bullywug who didn’t speak our language, we kept with us to keep an eye on him. Ferrek was unwilling to try to return to his village on his own due to his racial fear of being alone, so said he would stay with us until we reached a civilized tribe.
We headed toward the Temple of the Snake God again, this time resting before we arrived and making some plans. In the night the bullywug ran off on us, and in truth I couldn’t blame him. When we arrived at the Temple the next day, we were prepared. With some luck, we managed to hurt the Snake God, but it was able to kill Ferrek and almost kill Ook. When I cast one of my spells, Harambe discovered in his panic that the dome which the Snake God had emerged from was hollow. This provided us with a direction for my next spell. Soon we had defeated the Snake God, though there was no guarantee we had destroyed it.
It was then that we noticed that the dome was sitting at the edge of the world. We were standing at the edge of a cliff. It appeared as if our world was somehow high above another different jungle which existed far, far below us.
We decided to explore the Temple of the Snake God, and quickly found the entrance. It was mostly empty, except for some bone fragments in one corner and a nubari male in passed out in the other. In the center of the room was some sort of dry font made from a porous ceramic material. A bowl shaped depression topped the font, and strange symbols were along the bottom. Next to the font, on the ground were a number of snake eggs and amongst them was a blue-green orb.
On impulse I decided to pick up the orb and place it in the depression. As soon as I did, I found myself standing near the others in clearing. We were out of breath, and we had a vague recollection of running all the way from the dome. The sleeping nubari we had seen running in a different direction. We thought about heading back to the temple, but the more we thought about it the more we realized we had other things to do first. We figured we would get back there someday…
It was just over ten days later that we made it back to the Simbara. The villagers greeted us, and Krida came to speak with us and retrieve her spear. With her was Kachi, who brazenly asked if M’Giri had helped out enough in our quest. We discussed it amongst ourselves before deciding that his skills at tracking at least had been invaluable. He was also somewhat helpful in combat. Kachi was satisfied with our response, claiming that M’Giri proven himself a true warrior. She would not dismiss his challenges in the future. Krida thanked us for a job well done, and asked that we all share our tale.

Into the Valley of the Spirits
Year of Awakening #3

From the Memories of Alyssa of the Huroola
Koshiva Tribe
The Year of Awakening
“When in doubt, go to the source.”
The few of us who had been the Heroes of Fire Mountain were doing as Bengoukee had suggested and traveling to different tribes in Malatra, and were currently staying with the Koshiva. River and our saru friend Ook had been raised in Koshiva villages, so this was not a new place to visit for a few of us. Terra Chaos, The Crocoshaman, Shinola the Fateless and I were enjoying ourselves in discussion with new friends and visitors to the area, Fern Gully a jungle tam’hi and Sawtooth Longclaw a caiman katanga. Meanwhile, River met a new friend, another river tam’hi called Eliza Strawberry.
Suddenly, we began to feel the ground shaking and heard someone shout a warning that garuda were stampeding. The Crocoshaman, River, and Eliza Strawberry did their best to hide within the nearby river, while Terra Chaos, Fern, and Ook did their best to rescue helpless villagers from the stampede…with mixed results. Shinola, Sawtooth, and I all took a very direct approach to the threat, and tried to attack the beasts as they came. We even managed to take down two of them before being forced to leave our position and hide.
It was rather scary, as more than two-dozen long necked garuda crashed through the village, trampling many ground structures, crops, and people indiscriminately. Before we knew it though, it was over. Then the warning from Fern who had taken refuge in the tree village above us, about the creatures chasing the stampede came. Four knife-footed garuda charged into the village. We concentrated on taking one of the creatures down, but once it was badly wounded enough, it fled from us. The remaining ones likewise fled, two of them dragging the corpse of one of the long necked garuda with them as they went.
When things had settled down, Kunda, the village elder came to speak with us. With her was acting chief Shubak. The pair told us that ever since the eruption of Fire Mountain, more garuda had been seen than ever before. Kunda knew that many generations earlier, the Ancients had locked most of the garuda away within the Valley of the Spirits. Now, it appeared as if they had found a way out of the valley. They wanted us to travel down the River of Laughing Idols and learn why the garuda had left their home, and also try to find a way to stop them from leaving. Kunda told us that she could remove the taboo upon the Valley of the Spirits for us, but only for a short while. We were taken to her hut, where we stared at the fire as she applied strange symbols to our heads with some paint before calling on the spirits to remove the taboo for us. When she was done, she told us that the taboo was removed for us, but only for the next moon.
The nine of us then set out down river. We used two canoes of three people each, while River, The Crocoshaman, and Eliza Stawberry all decided to swim as much as possible. After eight days of traveling downriver, we began to approach the region controlled by the Rudra. We were soon stopped by a river tam’hi and several Rudra in boats. The river tam’hi was named Virada who acted as the Guardian of the River of Laughing Idols. She told us that one of the other guardians was a giant crocodile, called Ohmuho. It recently had gone insane and killed several Rudra and even a few river tam’hi. The Rudran hunters wanted our help to kill it, and she wanted our help to heal it if possible.
After a day more of traveling downriver, we found him as he attacked one of the Rudran boats. Combat with the creature commenced, and although we were able to determine that the reason for his insanity was some sort of rock that had been gotten lodged into his forehead. The Crocoshaman was able to remove the evil spirit infecting the wound, and Terra was able to remove it. With Fern and River’s help, they guessed that healing the wound would benefit the creature the most. After healing the creature, he thanked The Crocoshaman and left. We learned later that Virada had died trying to save Ohmuho from injuries sustained in our combat.
A few weeks later, we were forced to abandon our boats as the river had slowed to become what amounted to a swamp. We had only been moving by land a few hours when we encountered a saru named Kukachalla who was being chased by a tiger. Terra Chaos was able to get the tiger to back off, and Ook befriend Kukachalla. Kukachalla had poked the tiger while sleeping, and had run to us when chased. Kukachalla was heading to the Trees Who Remember in hopes of learning what had happened to the saru’s family. We allowed the crazy saru to join us.
After two further days of travel, we had arrived at the Taboo Totems which marked the border of the Taboo Lands. As we wondered what to do, a voice spoke to us telling us that the Valley was forbidden to our kind. It also asked why we had come. Fern recognized that it was a tree in a nearby copse that was speaking to us, and soon we learned that these tree-beings were the Council of Trees, the oldest and wisest trees in Malatra.
They told us that a short time earlier, as they understood it, a group of Black Leopard Katanga had lived near them, but that they had left the region when the garuda started coming from the Valley of the Spirits. They also told us that long ago another race, which we called the Ancients, but who called themselves Nubari had trapped many garuda in the Valley of the Spirits. Before then, those Nubari had communities within the valley. They told us all this freely, but asked that we sing to them as it relaxed their roots and slowed the flow of the sap within their trunks. River and I agreed to the request. They then called a spider from their branches and had us follow it toward the actual Valley of the Spirits within the taboo area.
Since Kukachalla couldn’t enter, they told the saru that all of the saru in the region had been killed by wicked Black Leopard Katanga nearly twenty rainy seasons ago. This meant the saru was without a family, so Kukachalla left us to find a new one. The rest of us quietly followed the spider.
Once we reached the valley, we could see that it was more than a valley…it was a massive chasm, of which we could not see the other side. The chasm’s bottom was one nearly fifty nubari heights below us, and the cliff face extended for many miles in either direction. A massive waterfall, where the remnants of the River of Laughing Idols fell into the Valley of the Spirits was to our north, and created a mist in the area that made it hard to see even this far from the falls. We could however see that the trees below us must be enormous, and nearby was one massive tree, which had fallen over the edge of the cliff creating an artificial ramp by which the garuda had been accessing the rest of Malatra.
We looked upon the fallen giant tree, and quickly determined that if we could remove the tree, the garuda would no longer be able to reach our part of the jungle. Unfortunately, cutting the tree wasn’t much of an option, as it would take many days longer than the time we had left within the taboo area. Eliza permanently scarred herself both physically and emotionally by performing a spell to create fire to try to dislodge the tree. Unfortunately, the mist in the area made such magic much less effective.
Eventually, River realized that she could sing to the tree, and it would relax. We watched as the tree fell in to the deep valley, briefly disturbing one of the massive garuda that lived there. We had succeeded in stopping the garuda, so we returned to the Koshiva.
When we arrived a few weeks later, they gave a feast in our honor. Acting Chief Shubak gifted us with many items in thanks. When we spoke with Kunda however, and told her our story, she told us that it was obvious that many garuda of different types had escaped from the Valley. Although not previously common, they were now part of Malatra’s ecosystem, and we would have to get used to them… or die trying.

From the Gods of Fire Mountain
Year of Awakening #1

From the Memories of River
Big Chief Bagoomba
The Year of Awakening
“Wisdom is born in fools as well as wise men.”
The Year of the Fleeing Ebar had come to an end, and the annual Council of Tribes was gathered in the tribe of Big Chief Bagoomba. The aged korobokuru witch doctor Bengoukee welcomed everyone and Big Chief Bagoomba himself gave a speech. In it, he explained that his daughter Vee Jaa was to take a husband from among one of the men present. Several candidates from various tribes all wanted to compete for her hand.
Several tests were then given to determine the competitor’s worthiness to marry young Vee Jaa. They were entertaining, but for the most part unremarkable competitions. One however, was different as Bengoukee included every person present in the Test of Honor. We were each asked a hypothetical question and asked how we would each respond in the circumstances given. I wondered what the old korobokuru was up to with this, but never got a chance to ask anyone. When the final test was over, everyone waited patiently while Chief Bagoomba and his advisers including Bengoukee sequestered themselves to discuss the results.
When Bagoomba at last emerged and made to announce the decision, there was a terrible fire in the sky, and the ground shook uncontrollably. As people scattered, as we noticed that the nearby Fire Mountain was erupting! As a river tam’hi, I watched in horror while others seemed in awe of a flaming spirit from Fire Mountain as it seemed to float gracefully down beams of light from the sky toward the village. It announced that we had insulted the god of Fire Mountain by failing to deliver a tribute for the year, and demanded the most precious possession of the chief in recompense. It quickly departed in as much of a dramatic flurry as it had arrived, leaving only stunned silence from those who remained in the damaged village. The silence was soon dispelled by Bengoukee berating Chief Bagoomba for forgetting to send the tribute.
When the shouting stopped, Bengoukee spoke to me and introduced me to several other people. Alyssa of the Huroola was an amazon warrior of some skill, also from the Huroola tribe was the female tiger katanga beast master called Terra Chaos. From the Rudra was a female thief named Shinola the Fateless. From no particular tribe was the female caiman katanga shaman known only as The Crocoshaman; and from my own tribe of the Koshiva was the dimwitted saru male warrior called Ook. Bengoukee told us that we should offer to help Bagoomba, as he couldn’t be trusted to make wise decisions without prompting.
We spoke with Bagoomba when he was finished speaking with a tribe called the BooToos. The group of primarily saru quickly left on some errand. Bagoomba and Bengoukee told us that he wanted us to take the sacred Staff of the Ancients to the top of Fire Mountain and present it to the God of Fire Mountain. The Staff of the Ancients was presented to Ook to carry, and we soon had set off for the Mountain. I was against this for many reasons, but when Bengoukee appointed The Crocoshaman our leader, I was forced for the second time in my life to go there against my will.
We had been traveling only a few hours, when we came to a glen where we were ambushed by some monkey katanga who played a prank on us by spraying us with some sort of sticky substance. Alyssa wanted to kill them for their impertinence, but wiser heads prevailed when we noticed a trio of leopards approaching them from the tall grass. Combat with the creatures was quick, and we were able to kill two of the vile predators and scared the third off. The monkey katanga were friendly to us afterward, and told us that they had seen another group going to Fire Mountain earlier that day.
After resting for the night, and having Ook stop me from running off, we continued our travels the next morning. Late in the day, we encountered a group of korobukuru from the Katimaya tribe. Although they wouldn’t admit it, they were lost. After the customary boasting, The Crocoshaman was able to impress them enough that we were asked to drink and celebrate with them. Never ones to turn down strong drink, many of my companions indulged. When the morning came, we showed some sympathy for the lost katimayans and gave them directions to Bagoomba’s. They in turn mentioned that the other group going to Fire Mountain also had a Staff of the Ancients… We were rather confused by this information.
The next few hours were particular torment for me. We came to a massive lava flow, and had to come up with a way past it. The others would just not listen to me when I tried to explain that the god didn’t want us to continue forward! Ook unceremoniously threw me over the lava, before everyone else made their way across by similar means.
After ascending a very difficult slope, we came to the opening in Fire Mountain. There was another group already there. It was the BooToos. We spoke with their leader Boo Dos who confirmed that they had tried to give their Staff of the Ancients to the god of Fire Mountain, but it had laughed at them and said that the staff was not the real one before destroying it. Now Boo Tue, Boo Deux, and Boo Too were convinced that they needed to go collect Vee Jaa to be sacrificed. Boo Da and Boo Dos were trying to convince them otherwise, and Boo Two seemed to argue both points. They wished us luck, and said they were going to try beseeching the god from a different location.
The Crocoshaman performed the proper rituals, and soon the God of Fire Mountain appeared before us. We all paid our deepest most terrified respects to him as he noticed the staff with us, he commented that the chief had chosen the staff instead of his daughter, and that he must not be as big of a fool as the god had suspected. He accepted the sacrifice with bemusement, and let us return to Big Chief Bagoomba’s.
We arrived late the next day, being spotted of course by the diminutive shu called Daplane. We saw the BooToos there, and were a bit confused that Boo Two was not with them, though we figured we would hear their story later. Bengoukee explained to us that Bagomba had foolishly given the BooToos the fake Staff of the Ancients Bengoukee had given him, not wanting to risk the real one. He then thanked us for performing a heroic deed on behalf of all of Malatra, and Bagoomba told us that he had decided that his daughter Vee Jaa would only marry for love. A feast was then held in our honor.

The Year of New Peoples #22

From the Memories of Malinsar
The Jungle between the Koshiva and Katimaya
The Year of New Peoples
“Deceit is the weapon of greed.”
My group consisting of the korobokuru Kalameet, the shu Mowgli, the three nubari called Alyssa of the Huroola, Yamboya, and Pure Chaos, and I were visiting the Koshiva tribe. We had been asked by the Council of Elders to meet a River Tam’hi named Flood and do whatever it was he wanted. It turned out that Flood had recently appointed himself the guardian of the River of Laughing Idols, and needed help dealing with a problematic river denizen. He introduced us to Gwalk’maur, a Caiman Katanga who seemed to only have his stomach on his mind. Hoping that we might rub off on him; Flood asked us to, for lack of a better word, babysit him.
Flood also told us that a Tiger Katanga downriver needed help, and asked us to look into it. We eventually came to the decision to travel on the southern banks of the River of Laughing Idols, though when we came to the place where we were to meet the Tiger Katanga, we had to cross the river. This was the most difficult for Kalameet, and Gwalk’maur’s comments didn’t help the matter.
Soon we met the Tiger Katanga called Indibubo. He told us a strange story about meeting a female Saru the other day who was on the path of Chee’ah, the ancestor spirit or god that sometimes guided the ape-people. She claimed to have met the mighty Lion, the spirit which when it comes will bring destruction to Malatra. Lion warned her that it was seeking Tiger, and when it found the spirit of Tiger, it would bring devastation the prophecy foretold. Indibubo asked us to find the Saru, whose name was Molessa Who Likes Coconuts, and investigate the rumor or Lion. She was heading toward the Katimaya lands. He intended to go to Big Chief Bagoomba’s and inform Bengoukee about Lion so the Jungle could prepare for the terrible war which was to come. Indibubo also warned us that he had recently encountered abominable creatures who were dead-yet-walked, and guessed that this had to do with the Lion gathering strength. He cautioned me in particular that I should remain in nubari form on the off chance that we actually did meet Lion.
All of this meant that we had to cross the river again, to try to find the trail of Molessa Who Likes Coconuts. Crossing the river proved just as annoying this time as last, but we made it and started off towards the Katimaya. After two days of travel, we lucked upon Molessa Who Likes Coconuts. She was rather pleasant as she described her encounter with Lion. Apparently the spirit had a high-pitched voice, but she didn’t see him at all. He spoke from behind a bush. We convinced her to come with us, as we suspected something was amiss.
That night we were attacked by a dead gorilla. We destroyed that creature, but at dawn Pure Chaos, Mowgli, and Kalameet fell for a horrible trick and were covered with sticky smelly sap. Yamboya talked to some animals and learned that a few men had been the one to play the trick. They had hidden in the bushes afterward and subsequently vanished.
Later that day, we came to a village of Nubari, these were Koshiva by appearance, though they were far removed from the central tribe. When we spoke to them they claimed to pay homage to Big Chief Bagoomba. The villagers told us that Lion had appeared to some women in the tribe, much in the same way he had appeared to Molessa Who Likes Coconuts. We were very skeptical, and when Pure Chaos attempted to show that Lion could really have been anyone, soon the entire village began to believe him some sort of god. He had some fun with that for a bit, but eventually we put a stop to it.
We ate and rested with them that night, but in the middle of the night, a group of Korobokuru attacked us. Kalameet got himself a bit clobbered, and Mowgli nearly was killed during the incident before we realized that it was a ritualistic mock raid, that the nearby Katimayan tribe must do frequently. The Korobukuru were actually pretty nice, and following the feast and a bit of boasting, they told us of two troublesome Monkey Katanga they had encountered called Ik’k’lam and Beersto Way. They suggested that the pair may be behind the “Lion” rumor.
Sure enough at the communal breakfast, the pair of Katanga arrived. We questioned them, and they admitted to creating the rumor in order to get free things from those they duped. However, the walking dead had not been them; they suggested that it was a lone hermit called Ak-Habivad who had created them. They believed him to be the actual Lion. With the help of the Nubari and Korobukuru we were able to figure out the most likely location of Ak-Habivad’s lair as a cave near the river. We set off for the cave immediately.
When we arrived later in the afternoon, we discovered Ak-Habivad in the cave along with two other men, and a pair of walking-dead-lizardmen. We decided to attack them, and combat was long and hard. We were holding our own for a bit, though the wicked man kept using magic to send Mowgli running from us, and did his best to keep me in place. Gwalk-maur was pleased that he could actually eat someone for a change, and did his best to take out the two men. When Molessa came running back to us to help, she was bathed in golden light. We killed the wicked men finally, and returned to the Nubari village to rest.
The next morning, Indibubo met with us. He told us that Bengoukee had known that this “Lion” had been a trick, as the “time was not yet right” and the Lion was no myth. Someday the prophecies may come true. He would be very pleased to learn that we had killed the priest who was trying to deceive death itself. Molessa said goodbye to us, as she now felt that Chee’ah was taking her toward the Valley of the Spirits, where we could not yet follow. Upon our return to the Koshiva, Gwalk-maur promised not to try to eat EVERY living thing he met from now on, but said he reserved the right to change his mind. I guess that is as much as we could expect from the single-minded warrior.


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