Game Schedule

Current Schedule going forward.

October 4

October 18 A game to be run by Luther, Brent, Trent, or someone else **

October 25 A yet unidentified Halloween game.

November 1 Malatra The Souless Shu
November 8 Malatra The Dreaming Lake
November 15 a return to 5e in media res
November 22 Thanksgiving break, so we might have a few other players… Possibly normal 5e otherwise Malatra 5e (I require 3 players not counting Luther, due to him hearing the adventure I cannot have Jonathan either)
November 29 No Gaming

December 6 No Gaming
December 13 Malatra Terror from Below
December 20 5e
December 27 Dragonlance Heroes of Defiance….future Dragonlance games will proceed at their own pace.

January 3 2018 Malatra tba

Later schedule TBD

Please let me know if you cannot make it to a game when I send out my reminder the night beforehand. My games will get delayed a week anytime we do not have a quorum. Attendees will decide what to do in that case, even if it is to just cancel.

  • Games run by others are up to others to plan, schedule. Use the FB Chat to plan it out. If nothing is planned for those days we can always do Mansions of Madness, Shadows over Camelot, or (assuming Trent can make it) one of Trent’s such as Starcraft, Doom, or Arkham Horror. If nothing is planned but we have a full group, I might hijack the party to run the 5e Malatra Luther and I worked on.

Game Schedule

Malatra Redux apotheot