Game Schedule

Current Schedule going forward.

May 31 28 5e Outlaws of the Iron Road pt 2 and Corruption in Kryptgarden and Tyranny in Phlan pt 1

June 7 Malatra Venom
June 14 Dark Sun When the Levy comes due
June 21 Dark Sun Ashes to Ashes
June 28 5e —Tyranny in Phlan pt 2 if needed and a return to the main story in media res or make up game night

July 5 Malatra 5e game?
July 12 Dark Sun Dust to Dust pt 1
July 19 Dark Sun Presumably Dust to Dust pt 2 (Dark Sun Finale)
July 26 Make up game (Malatra 5e, or Dark Sun) or Alternity Star Craft.

August 2 Make up game. (Malatra 5e, or Dark Sun) or an original Dark Sun adventure dealing with the fallout of your recent adventures. Tentatively called “Slave Day”
August 9 No Game.
August 16 No Game, Gen Con Game in Indi. Gothic Earth Adventure
I will be running Malatra: Masks of the Dohi’ri at Gencon, also possible Planescape at Gencon.
August 23 No Game
August 30 Presumably a 1-shot

September 6
September 13 Dragonlance Heroes of Defiance….future Dragonlance games will proceed at their own pace.

Game Schedule

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