Game Schedule

Current Schedule going forward. (please note, the schedule is updated periodically and sporadically, usually at least once a month.)

March 21 The Return of Stezen D’Polorno (The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Necromancer) Finale (Ditto as part 2)
March 28 5e Hunting Lodge

April 4 Dragonlance The Citadel of Light
april 11 malatra Spirit of Ash
april 18 dragonlance tbd
april 25 no game
april 27- 29 Imagicon in minot. I will run Malatra To Catch a Feathered Shu, a Malatra rerun (Along the River of Laughing Idols), Dark Sun Who’d Want to Kill Us?. and a 5e game, as well as 5e Malatra. (possibly more depending on time)

May 2 Optional game night, I will likely have to work at 11 but someone could run a game of The Strange, Starfinder, Star Wars or some other random oneshot. Contact me if interested in the the slot, first come first serve.

Later schedule TBD

Please let me know if you cannot make it to a game when I send out my reminder the night beforehand. My games will get delayed a week anytime we do not have a quorum. Attendees will decide what to do in that case, even if it is to just cancel.

Game Schedule

Malatra Redux apotheot