Mysteries of the Jungle


What is it and why is it.
Taboo for who

Custom Taboos

The Shu as a race never kill each other, as explained in : Why the Shu Must Never Kill Each Other.
The Wise Ones Have a taboo about the sharing of Knowledge, This is explained in detail in The Knowing that Burns Like Fire and The Torch Test
The Simbara have a deep seeded taboo about Tigers, even refusing to acknowledge that they exist. More on this will be explained in time. They also have a taboo punishable by death, and that is a prohibition against using fire as a weapon.
The Koshiva find it the height of taboo for a woman to cut a man’s hair.
The Jengi has a taboo against outsiders sleeping within the confines of their village.
The Huroola have a taboo against men wielding weapons within the borders of their territory. This taboo is rarely even relaxed for outsiders, when it is weapons must be peace bonded.
The Rudra have an odd taboo against trusting others, though the reason for this has never been discovered, likely due to the Rudrans not trusting anyone with it.
The Saru have a taboo against harming toads.

Taboo of Possession
The Black Art
Items of the Ancients
Items of the Spirits

Places of Taboo
Many places exist with specific taboos about them. Often they are guarded lands, where an appointed or self-appointed guardian attempts to stop unlucky travelers from entering the taboo lands.
The Mists of Sleepy Lake
The Yaku Plains
The Top of Fire Mountain
The Forbidden Mountains
The Jungle of Lost Tribes
The Ruins of the Ancients
The Valley of the Spirits
The Swamp of the Snake Men
Dukuba Swamp
Lake Koro
Eastern Rayana Savannah
Kumbo Swamp
The Domes
The River of Laughing Idols

Malatra’s connection with the world and cosmos.

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Other worlds
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The Ancients

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Their Legacy: The Golden Children

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Mysteries of the Jungle

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