Threats of the Jungle

Monsters, Dangers, and Wicked Races

The people of the jungle consider anything with intelligence to be “people”, though a few races do not share their enlightened attitude. While these creatures are arguably “people” by Nubari standards, they are wicked, alien, warlike, or just difficult to get along with.
They raid the Nubari and other peoples with such frequency that the disparate tribes find it easier to get along, since — at least recently — they are too busy fighting off these enemies to fight each other.

Here is a partial list of what has been encountered so far in the campaign.

Race that have their own tribe in the jungle
Snake men (yaun-ti) – (these are now in a treaty with the good peoples of Malatra, though they are not available as a standard race, they could be awarded as special gift.
Snakeheaded-men (ophidians) hostile enemies
Bullywugs – hostile enemies
Manscorpions – hostile enemies
Pteramen – hostile enemies
Spider Katanga – vicious enemies
Hyena Katanga – hostile enemies
Black Leopard Katanga – some of these have shown some signs of friendship, but they still hunt nubari, shu, saru, and other races that dare to enter their lands.
Lizard People (these are also now Races of the Jungle, see Lizard Men (PC race), though not all of their race are as friendly.
Beloks – too alien to understand
Troglodytes -hostile enemies
Grippli-minuscule frog people
Tabaxi-jaguar men….NOT katanga.
The Simba (Lion Katanga) – possibly good natured, but very stern and hard to deal with.
Tontor Katanga -good aligned guardians of the Tontor Graveyard
A Sphinx (only one currently) -Guardian of the Tontor Graveyard

Other Monsters encountered
Skeletons – Undead do not naturally occur within the jungle
Zombies – Undead do not naturally occur within the jungle
Topi (Shrunken Zombies) – Undead do not naturally occur within the jungle
Evil Spirits (fey, elemental, or other)
Shan Sao – where these guys came from or went is anyone’s guess.
Garuda (there are many types)
Su-ba-wa-te (stirges) – Only one nest found and destroyed as of yet.
Galeb Dur – very alien, but not necessarily hostile
Marrashi – only one seen, very hostile but not necessarily unfriendly
Kani – construct
Stone Golem – construct
Scrags – hostile enemy, very alien
Dangerous animals – motivations vary
Maelephant – Only one seen, former prisoner of the Ancients
Boalisk – One so far

Wicked Spirits
Spirits of Ash
Spirits of Life Destruction

Servants of Tiger

Villainous Personages (and their fates):

  • Forgotten Father- this ancient could have been an ally, but he has been held in stasis for so long his mind has gone, he was last seen fighting several Kretch in the Jungle of Lost Tribes.
  • Wulama (Hunting Spider Katanga)- this wicked witch doctor was an avowed servant of Tiger. She tried to cultivate a new Ash Plains within the jungle for unknown reasons. She

was killed by heroes. (see Spirit of Ash)

  • Noh (The Previous Golden Child)- Although not a really a villain, Noh’s actions in abducting the latest Golden Child led to quite a few problems. He remains with the Golden Child somewhere within Malatra. (See The Golden Child)
  • Tilifu of the Kuamu- was made an outcast when his crimes against the Kuamu were brought to light. (See Dark Shadow Over Kuamu)
  • Rakid of the Koshiva- shunned by his people for a season due to his part in Radumpti’s near-death. (see Along the River of Laughing Idols) Afterward he traveled Malatra with some followers, befriending the Ratikiya and arranging for some small revenge. (See Revenge of the Exile,) A year and a half later he attempted to return to some measure of glory by stealing the prey of the stand-in hunters from the Yilgoma Tribe during the Great Hunt. He and his followers were exiled for the treachery. (see The Great Hunt)
  • Somari the Outcast- The traitorous former member of the Council of Elders, was killed by the marrashi he had tried to enslave. (see Death from Above)
  • Toka the Headshrinker-was killed by some heroes of the jungle (see Lair of the Headshrinker) Hopefully this ends the threat of headshrinkers
  • Xot- This youth was self-described as an apprentice headshrinker. He vanished sometime during the trip to his Rudra tribesmen. Currently his whereabouts and intentions are unknown, though he surely could not pose much of a threat. (see Lair of the Headshrinker)
  • Hodulla the Headshrinker- The late former master of both Toka and Bengoukee, he also had enslaved the Saiyama for many generations before being deposed. His fate is obscure, but with Toka reappearing, it is likely that he is finally dead. (see Lair of the Headshrinker)
  • Mantu – The Wise Man and Priest of Fire Mountain was banished for his horrible crime. Although his intentions were good, his methods were not. The elderly man accepted his punishment willingly, and likely did not survive more than a few weeks. (See Mantu’s Sacrifice)
  • Ak-Habivad – This seeming hermit was able to create undead creatures with ease. He and his two followers Rav-Koro and Lombunga were killed by heroes (see Lion!), but where they came from, why they were in the area, and what alien spirits they worshipped was never discovered. A dangerous threat might be out there somewhere, hidden.
  • Blackflame – The evil Hornhead Lacerial was more than willing to sacrifice not only some of his own people, but any nubari or other race that he could find in order to get back to his home. He was beaten and presumably killed by the lacerial Whiteheart. See Death from the Mists.
  • The Undead Thing in the Valley – Although its exact name or nature is unknown, this creature was found by Blackflame in one of the crypts that litter The Valley of the Spirits. Whiteheart presumably gave his life trying to stop it, but it has likely survived and could be a real problem for the future. See Death from the Mists.

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Threats of the Jungle

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