Malatra Redux

First post.

Most Framework done. Characters’ details coming. I make no copyright claim on anything here except the writing of the adventure logs. Many NPC’s were originally created for the old campaign and likely only share vague resemblance to the actual creation of the player. The pictures are mostly found through google image searches. Please note, adventure logs will be in chronological order of the timeline, not order in which adventures were played. If you have any, please contact me! (Apotheot on will work) I have made some attempts to keep adventures played chronological, however due to the difficulty in finding some adventures this is not always possible. Hence this whole campaign is an ongoing work in progress. Please note, the wiki, and the Journals WILL spoil adventures for those who have not played/read the Living Jungle before. For information on things that I have had to make up to fit the adventures together or give the setting a cohesive feel see Notes.



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