Malatra Redux

Until the End of the World

Year of Awakening #5

From the Memories of Pure Chaos
The Simbara
The Year of Awakening
“When we rescue others, we rescue ourselves.”
I was visiting the Simbara tribe for their annual contests of skill. Several other travelers had also come; I recognized some of them including Black Chaos, the enigmatic Crococshaman, Reesta Nifari, Ochkee Gooneygoogoo, and Ook. Everyone watched the challenges for a while, and it was apparent that there were two contestants who were heavily favored to win: M’Giri Far-Thrower and Kachi the Gazelle. The two had been rivals for many seasons, and their rivalry was known far and wide. M’giri was a clever, strong, and skilled warrior; while Kachi was a swift and sharp scout. Now the two were looking to best each other in the contests.
As I watched, there were several cries of alarm as a large group of lizard men came rampaging into the village. The Crocoshaman and both Ook and a saru I didn’t know tried to fight, but the two saru were scared away when I cast a spell against one of the lizard men. The pair returned after a few seconds, and they were able to stop some lizard men from killing the Crocoshaman. Meanwhile the group of lizard men were damaging the village and attacking villagers indiscriminately. Eventually though, we killed a few of them and the others fled.
When the unknown saru, who I learned was named Harambe, the Crocoshaman, Ook, and I were asked to speak with the warrior woman called Krida. M’Giri and Kachi were arguing in front of her. Kachi challenged M’Giri to find the home of the raiders and punish them for their attack. M’giri agreed. Krida then told us that we had been chosen to accompany M’Giri, and help him on his trial. We all agreed.
Krida leant Ook her powerful spear to help us in combat and we soon set out in search of the rampaging lizard folk. None of us were very good at tracking so having M’Giri with us turned out to be a great boon. Soon we met a pair of leopard katanga, who were surprisingly rather freiendly with us. They spoke with Ook. They had seen the lizardfolk. They had eavesdropped, and overheard the name “Sah-shik” who they were apparently worried about. Since the female was injured, The Crocoshaman healed her. With their help we were able to get back on the lizard folk’s trail.
The next day we arrived at Hebika River, and began to travel down the banks toward the distant Dokuba Swamp. Along the way, we met some nice little frog people called grippli. One called Pokureek was able to translate for us. He said the lizards had captured many of their tribe in addition to some other races. We accepted their help as guides, and soon arrived at the lizard folk camp.
With the help of the Crocoshaman, we successfully parlayed and met their chief, Sahshik. He explained that it was his group that had attacked the Simbara. He did not wish to do it, but the leader of a different group of lizard folk had instructed him to. The new powerful lizard king called Hrshnash had taken over the tribes of Dokuba swamp with the help of his “Snake God”. He somehow talked us into trying to depose Hrshnash in exchange for his grippli prisoners.
We decided to go to the Temple of the Snake God first, in order to try to deal with this malevolent spirit. We figured we would be able to deal with such a creature somehow. It was a mistake. As we approached the strange overgrown domed structure of the ancients, the Snake God made an appearance before us. The creature was a writhing mass of swarming snakes, and we quickly realized that we couldn’t take it on unprepared. Our saru friends Ook and Harambe fleeing every time I cast a spell didn’t help. We soon optioned to head to the new lizard king Hrshnash. Since we arrived in the village with Sashik, we were escorted directly to Hrshnash’s hut.
Hrshnash was monstrous in sized and boasted fully functional wings. He spoke with Sashik who claimed to be delivering us to him as sacrifices. Before we could react, Sashik left the hut and ensured that we were sealed inside with Hrshnash. Battle commenced, but at least we were much more prepared for this one. The confined space made it so that when the saru fled due to my spellcasting they couldn’t go far and were back in the combat sooner. Soon, with M’Giri’s help and the aid of Krida’s spear, we were able to defeat the creature.
When Sashik was Lizard King again, he told us that he would release the other prisoners that the tribe had captured, but only if we dealt with the Snake God. He considered the temple to be a potential threat to his rule a well as to the worship of Semuanya, the Lizard God. We agreed, and to show his good faith he released the prisoners before we departed. So we were joined by a pair of grippli, a bullywug, and a shu called Ferrek. The grippli wished to return home, so we let them go. The bullywug who didn’t speak our language, we kept with us to keep an eye on him. Ferrek was unwilling to try to return to his village on his own due to his racial fear of being alone, so said he would stay with us until we reached a civilized tribe.
We headed toward the Temple of the Snake God again, this time resting before we arrived and making some plans. In the night the bullywug ran off on us, and in truth I couldn’t blame him. When we arrived at the Temple the next day, we were prepared. With some luck, we managed to hurt the Snake God, but it was able to kill Ferrek and almost kill Ook. When I cast one of my spells, Harambe discovered in his panic that the dome which the Snake God had emerged from was hollow. This provided us with a direction for my next spell. Soon we had defeated the Snake God, though there was no guarantee we had destroyed it.
It was then that we noticed that the dome was sitting at the edge of the world. We were standing at the edge of a cliff. It appeared as if our world was somehow high above another different jungle which existed far, far below us.
We decided to explore the Temple of the Snake God, and quickly found the entrance. It was mostly empty, except for some bone fragments in one corner and a nubari male in passed out in the other. In the center of the room was some sort of dry font made from a porous ceramic material. A bowl shaped depression topped the font, and strange symbols were along the bottom. Next to the font, on the ground were a number of snake eggs and amongst them was a blue-green orb.
On impulse I decided to pick up the orb and place it in the depression. As soon as I did, I found myself standing near the others in clearing. We were out of breath, and we had a vague recollection of running all the way from the dome. The sleeping nubari we had seen running in a different direction. We thought about heading back to the temple, but the more we thought about it the more we realized we had other things to do first. We figured we would get back there someday…
It was just over ten days later that we made it back to the Simbara. The villagers greeted us, and Krida came to speak with us and retrieve her spear. With her was Kachi, who brazenly asked if M’Giri had helped out enough in our quest. We discussed it amongst ourselves before deciding that his skills at tracking at least had been invaluable. He was also somewhat helpful in combat. Kachi was satisfied with our response, claiming that M’Giri proven himself a true warrior. She would not dismiss his challenges in the future. Krida thanked us for a job well done, and asked that we all share our tale.



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