Allosaurus – Flesh Lizard. or Flesh Ripper. A vicious predator smaller than a T-Rex, about 40’ long. This is the literal translation of the scientific name, so we thought we’d use it. Uncommon. Found throughout Malatra.

Ceratosaurus – Horn Lizard. Related to the Flesh Lizard, though smaller. Only males have the single horn on its head that gives it its name. A thin line of boney plates also run from its head down its back to the tip of its tales. 17’ long. Horn lizards often hunt in packs. Uncommon. Found throughout Malatra

Compsognathus – Garuda Chicken. The name says it all – about the size and shape of a chicken. These garuda hunt in packs and attack lizards, small mammals, and injured larger animals. Common. Found throughout Malatra

Deinonychus (and various related species called Velociraptors) – Raptors. Smart, vicious, leaping garuda. Think jurassic park. Rare. Found throughout Malatra

Dimetrodon – Sailback. While this monster has no claw attacks, it has a vicious, alligator-like bite. 9’ long. Uncommon. Found throughout Malatra.

Dinichthys – Terrible Fish. This is not a true garuda, but rather a primitive pre-historic fish. Can swallow a nubari on a natural 20. 25+’ long. Rare in lakes. Very rare in rivers.

Elmisaurus -Knife Footed Garuda Similar to the Deinonychus, but larger faster, and less intelligent.

Euparkeria – Runner. Also sometimes called Garuda Dogs. They are 3’ tall and hunt in packs. Common. Found throughout Malatra

Gorgosaurus – Sometimes called Gnasher, like the T-Rex. Also called Great Eater of Beasts 50’ long. Rare. Found throughout Malatra

Mosasaurus – Water Gnasher. 50’ long and clumsy on land, the Water Gnasher is perfectly adapted to life in Malatra’s large lakes. Less then a handful are know to exist. Very Rare. Found only in lakes.

Pteranodon – Flying Lizard. Although this garuda’s body is only 4’ long, it has a wingspan of 30’. This limits its hunting grounds to lakes, the Rayanna savannah, and the mountain ranges. Rare.

Temnodontosaurus – Fish Lizard. Another primitive fish, even bigger than the Terrible Fish. 30’ long. Very rare in lakes.

Teratosaurus – Small Gnasher or Little Thunder. This is a name of respect, not a comment on its size. Though only 20’ long (9’ is tail), Small Gnashers are fearless and vicious, and so have earned the name Gnasher. Uncommon. Mostly found in the Rayanna savannah.

T-Rex – Sometimes called Gnasher or Big Thunder. Large ones are called Tyrant Lizard. 50’ long, 20’ high. Rare. Found throughout Malatra.

Anchisaurus – Tree Climber. A bipedal plant eater that will sometimes climb to escape predators. 7’ long. Common. Found throughout Malatra.

Ankylosaurus – Rock Skin or Shellback. An armadillo like monster weighing 4 or 5 tons. 15’ long. Uncommon. Found south of Fire Mountain.

Brachiosaurus – Great Mountain. The largest known dinosaur (well, at the time of the monster manual printing, anyway). 75’ long. Very rare. Only found in the deepest, and softest, swamps.

Brontosaurus – Thunder Lizard. A 40-ton plant eater, 70’ long. Very rare. Found in isolated swamps and lakes. Occasionally one finds its way to a major river.

Camarasaurus – Small Mountain. 50’ long, lives along side the other plant-eaters of the swamps. Very shy, but tends to move in herds. Uncommon. Only found in the deepest swamps.

Camptosaurus – “Stomper Garuda” One of the dumbest and slowest herd garuda in the jungle. Often one of their number has to die before the herd will take flight, but when it does, anything in the herds path gets crushed. 20’ long. Common. Found throughout Malatra.

Diplodocus – “Long Lizard Garuda”.or “Long Necked Garuda” 80’ long, this is the longest garuda in the jungle. It weighs very little, however. Only about 10 tons. Common. Found in swamps.

Iguanodon – “Tree Eater Garuda”. 15’ tall and 30’ long. Can run on all fours but may stand bipedal to reach vegetation. Aggressive when cornered. Uncommon. Found throughout Malatra.

Lambeosaurus – “Duck Bill Garuda”. The famous horn-crested dinosaur. Can see, hear, and smell exceptionally well. 20’ long. Common. Found south of Fire Mountain.

Mamenchisaurus – “Stiff Neck Garuda”. Though 70’ long, this garuda is half neck – a full 35’. This allows it to reach vegetation that other plant eaters miss when it stands up on its hind feet, but there is a draw back: the beast can only bend its neck at the head and at the shoulders. The rest of the neck is an interlocking support network of boney struts. Uncommon. Found south of Fire Mountain.

Paleocinthus – “Thorn Skin Garuda.” Related to the Rock Skin, but even larger and heavier. 6 to 8 tons, 20’ long. Rare. Found south of Fire Mountain.

Stegosaurus – “Spiketail Garuda”. A very aggressive, very stupid plant eater. Common. Found throughout Malatra.

Trachodon – “Duck Lizard Garuda.” Related to the Duck Bill, but larger. They are a favorite prey of many Gnashers. Uncommon. Found throughout Malatra.

Triceratops – “Three Horn Garuda.” Found only on the Rayanna savannah, this is the most aggressive of the herbivores. It is over ten tons and stands 18’ at the shoulder. Compare this to an elephant that is six to eight tons and stands 13’. Common. Found only on the Rayanna savannah.

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