Sadly there is a lot of Jungle Lore that has not yet been discovered or has been forgotten. Certain things had to be made up along the way. If answers to some of these are discovered somewhere they will be phased out.

For lack of a better name I have decided to name the Tribe of Korobokuru North of the Kuamu (In Darkness Over Kuamu) the Manbuja.

The original author indicated that the Simbuki tribe should have been called the Sumbuki. A typo in one place that was picked up and used by subsequent authors is to blame. Because the most current information is generally assumed to be correct, it shall remain Simbuki. in Universe reasons why the name has changed could be many, first a simple misunderstanding of the Simbuki tongue could have created confusion, alternatively the Shu call themselves one thing while outsiders call them another, lastly it is possible that that name actually changed for some reason, likely as a result of some cultural or political trigger within the tribe. (ie they change names every 5 years as it is taboo to have the same name for too long, or they shift names whenever they get a new chieftain.

Koshiva Chief controversy
During the course of the campaign, some tribes (such as the Saiyama) had clearly defined chiefs for authors to use. Others were not so lucky, and during the course of the 7 years worth of adventures I have counted no fewer than 5 different chiefs within the adventures that I currently own. Therefore I have come up with a unique solution: the Koshiva are a very political tribe. It is known that the tribe is liked by most everyone, and they are very active in the politics of the region. So, I have assumed that as a group they are populated with politicians, diplomats, and bureaucrats… at least inasmuch as the setting allows them to be. This puts them on the more lawful end of the ethical spectrum…and thus for one reason or another new chiefs become much more frequent as scheming underhandness, or scandal can quickly oust one chief in favor of another. A tongue-in-cheek version of the loss of Radumpti (the first known chief from Along the River of Laughing Idols) can be found here .

Currently the ‘Unknown Tribe’. The tribe has been mentioned in a few modules, including being an integral part of The Great Hunt, and being name dropped in the Living City adventure Out for a Stroll, but it does not appear on a map, and no information is given about it in anything I have been able to find. Consequently, its location is conjecture based on what has been mentioned on the message board, or elsewhere. (For instance it is known that the tribe was a Shu tribe.)

Potentially many more of these to come

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