Help Contribute.

Are you down on levels from where you want to be? Care to stretch your creative muscles? Want to impact the lore of the Jungle and earn some xp while doing it?

Submit a Jungle Tale; Original or Well Written 1st hand account of an adventure within Malatra, and earn a free Flex Level for each accepted work.

Submit an original work of art for Malatra and gain two Flex Levels to be divided how you chose.

Submit an adventure, (utilizing rules sets for 3e) and gain three Flex Levels. *

Flex Levels have long been used in my games to award a free level to a player, who can choose to spend them on any character in their current control. These can even advance characters who have retired if the player chooses.
Contact me for more information.

Remember ‘High Level-Retired’ character ONLY games are approaching.

  • 3e rules sets for the setting are available upon request, as a general rule just avoid using already established characters (PC’s or NPC’s) in the adventure. Contact me if you have an idea for one you wish to flesh out.

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