Game Schedule

Current Schedule going forward. (please note, the schedule is updated periodically and sporadically, usually at least once a month.)

With my jobs days off being in flux, all of this is subject to major change. I may also rearrange a bit in order to get josh to games he should play in. Let me know if anyone else has problems with scheduling.

September 26 Dragonlance (Finish Citadel of Light, begin Heroes of Hope)

October 3 5e Escape from Phlan
October 10 Dragonlance (Heroes of Hope +Leviathan’s Deep)
October 14 Stolen Lives: Reality’s Bite R1 (Nascrag) presuming I can get exactly 6 players…..Will know more by early September
October 17 Oneshot (The Last Time part 2 of 3)
Oct 19-21 Valley Con. May run something there, still up in the air. (Dark Sun Who’d Want to Kill Us?, Malatra Shu Fly Don’t Bother Me, ???)
October 24 Malatra Legacy of the Head Shrinker
October 28 maybe..Stolen Lives: Reality’s Bite R2 (Nascrag) ditto as above
October 31 Halloween GAME! TBA

November 7 5e
November 11 maybe Stolen Lives: Reality’s Bite R3 (Nascrag) ditto as above (if this is all correct, more TBA)
November 14th Dragonlance
November 21st (thanksgiving weekend) Malatra Warriors of the Katimaya
November 28th oneshot (the last time pt 3)

December 5th Dragonlance
December 12th open (someone else should run a one shot…Jon?, Luther?, Brent?)
December 19th 5th ed
December 26th Malatra Dark Village

Later schedule TBD (will be making finishing Dragonlance and normal 5e game a high priority)

Please let me know if you cannot make it to a game when I send out my reminder the night beforehand. My games will get delayed a week anytime we do not have a quorum. Attendees will decide what to do in that case, even if it is to just cancel.

Game Schedule

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