Game Schedule

Current Schedule going forward. (please note, the schedule is updated periodically and sporadically, usually at least once a month.)

November 7 5e
November 11 Stolen Lives: Reality’s Bite R2 (Nascrag) presuming I can get exactly 6 players…..
November 14th Dragonlance (Heroes of Hope +Leviathan’s Deep)
November 21st (thanksgiving weekend) Malatra Warriors of the Katimaya
November 25th maybe Stolen Lives: Reality’s Bite R3 (Nascrag) ditto as above (if this is all correct, more TBA)
November 28th (The Last Time part 2 of 3)

December 5th Dragonlance
December 12th (The Last Time part 3 of 3)
December 19th 5th ed
December 26th Malatra Dark Village

Later schedule TBD (will be making finishing Dragonlance and normal 5e game a high priority)

Please let me know if you cannot make it to a game when I send out my reminder the night beforehand. My games will get delayed a week anytime we do not have a quorum. Attendees will decide what to do in that case, even if it is to just cancel.

Game Schedule

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